Cloud Architect

Primary Processes Covered by Solution Architecture

  • Selecting the technology stack for the project: A vital task performed by solutions architect is to select the right technologies for the development of products. The strategy of technical architecture depends directly on the technology stack that is chosen. Several different practices exist with regards to platforms, tools and programming languages. The function of a solution architect is finding which of these practices are most suitable for the project. It is a complicated task that requires assessing and comparing technology.
  • Complying to the non-functional requirements: There are non-functional requirements as well that a software project has to meet. These requirements describing the system characteristics are called quality attributes. Non-functional requirements can differ according to the complexity of the product. The common requirements include security, maintainability, performance, usability, reliability, and scalability of a product. All these non-functional requirements are analyzed by the solution architect for ensuring product engineering meets these requirements. 
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